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uneconomic conduct of Direktor of Mosir

Czy Łupiński nie jest stary kommunista?

The director of Mosir, Łupiński Wojciech, makes difficult conditions to private people, who wants to locate the hall with the result, that they must go and that the hall is almost allways empty and Mosir is near bankrupcy.
In the example of a pilates trainer, the director renouneced on about6 6000 zł&year income out of location of the big hall, with no good reason. The result is, that now the hall often is unused and Mosir Radlin has to economise putting off the power, this remembers to communist time!!
Isn't the director of Mosir, Łupiński Wojciech, just an unable old communist??

With Mosir Radlin was not long ago made a big rennovation financed by EU money. It is nonsence to pay EU money into the hands of communistic minded responsables.
There are also rumors of corruption concerning the EU-money for Mosir rennovation.

Here a recent exemple of a resignation for location of the big hall because of specially made difficult conditions without any good reason:

Rezygnacja - Do Dyrekcji Mosir [28 KB]